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10 Likable Blogs


Listed below you will find 10 blogs I have found and enjoy. They are listed in no particular order with a link and brief description of each.

Deep South Dish

Deep South Dish is a blog all about cooking. Mary focuses on cooking southern food, mainly from scratch, so I really enjoy this blog. She posts pretty regularly to keep you intrigued. Furthermore, she posts a picture of the final product along with the recipe. There’s also links to other pages such as cooking tips.

It Is What It Is

Beth’s blog has entries about pictures, projects and printables. She also posts pictures along with her instructions to help you understand the topic/project better. There’s also a categories section so you can access what you’re looking for more easily. One neat thing about her blog is her printables section. Here you can find several different tags and labels to print.

On Charming Party

Brittany has dedicated her blog to all things party. She provides posts about anything from party decorating ideas to party food ideas. I really enjoy the pictures she posts along with her instructions. When you’re having a party this would be a good blog to check out. You can also order books with specific party themes.

Blissfully Content

Julia is a busy lady. There’s recipes, project tutorials and also a page about preserving. She also posts about her family on her home page to make it a bit more personal. This is a neat blog with really great ideas and she keeps it up-to-date.

Life With J&A

Jonathan and Anna enjoy creating picture frames. They also like DIY projects, in which I’ve seen several utilizing burlap. There are pictures along with the instructions helping to insure you are doing the right thing. Jonathan and Anna also like going to thrift stores and finding a good steal and fixin’ it up. They also have great photos they have taken posted on their blog.

Tip Junkie

This is a one stop shop blog. There’s several categories from projects and printables to food and party ideas. This is an interesting blog because the items featured look to be shared and provided by other bloggers. Quick summaries and pictures are provided and if you find something you’re interested in you click on it to view the entire entry.

Design Seeds

I really love this blog. Jessica has done a great job of taking a photo and making color palettes from the colors in the picture. The colors always compliment each other and also have the color code listed so you can get the exact color. She also has books for sell containing the more popular color palettes from her blog.

Natalie’s Daily Crave

Natalie’s blog is dedicated to all things food. She posts pictures of a completed recipe along with the recipe. She’s a personal chef sharing recipes to the home cook. There are also short stories to go along with the recipes giving them her personal touch.

My Kitchen Addiction

Jen features recipes on her blog. She takes step-by-step photos along with her instructions on how to make a recipe. She also includes her Husband’s Picks, Tips and Tutorials and a photography section on her blog site. If you’re a food lover, you should check her out!


AgWeb features bloggers across various sectors of the agriculture industry. No matter what your agricultural interests are you will find a topic here to fit your needs. There’s also links to other publications and resources. For anything agriculture, this is a great blog to consider when needing to find out information.