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For this blog post, I wanted to give y’all some resources to find supplies and beads so next week when we start making some jewelry you’re ready. First we need some supplies. I’ll be honest, most of what you’ll need, including beads, can be found at Hobby Lobby. The great thing about Hobby Lobby is you can usually catch a sale or a 40% off coupon so it makes shopping for supplies easier. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby close by I would also recommend Fire Mountain Gems. They’re also a one stop shop having supplies and beads.


Micro Crimper – This is used on the crimp beads. The crimp beads are used at either end of the necklace to keep the beads on the wire.Tools Diagonal Cutter – These are used to cut the wire and to help with precision cutting where needed. Round Nose Pliers – You’ll need these if you’re planning to make earrings. They help you wrap the wire so you can attach the earring beads on the needle to the hook that goes in your ear. Design Board– You can find these in multi or single strands. You don’t have to have one; however, they come in handy to layout the design you want and then string it onto the wire. I’d recommend investing in one. They’re pretty cheap. If you have these 4 tools, you can pretty much make whatever you need. As we get more in depth, we may need some more tools and as the time comes I’ll provide you with resources of where to find them.

Essential Items

Wire – This is the wire I use. I use the heavy variety because most of the beads I use are heavy and I don’t want the necklace to break. Depending on the weight of your beads will determine the weight of the wire you’ll need. Stretchy String – You’ll need this if you’re wanting to make bracelets. Depending on the size of the bead and the bead hole is the diameter you’ll need for the string. I’ll let you know the sizes I use as we make some bracelets. Headpins – These are used to make earrings with. You need them to string the beads through and connect to the earring hook.Clasps Eyepin – These are also used to make earrings. These are used to make dangly or longer earrings. Fish Hook Ear Wires – These are the type of earring wires I use. I like them and have had no problems making jewelry with them or wearing them. Crimp Beads – Crimp beads come in different sizes. Depending on your wire depends on the size you   need. I usually try to use the large diameter ones. Clasps – You’ll need clasps in order for your necklace to connect. Clasp come in a variety of types and depending on your personalpreference and the weight of your necklace is what you should use. Here are a few different kinds: lobster,  toggle,  magnetic,  spring ring, or hook and eye.


I use a lot of nugget and chip beads. You see these in more of the what I’m gonna call, western fashion jewelry. Here are some places to consider looking for beads:

Fire Mountain Gems

The Bead Ranch

The Bead Hive

Bangin Beads

Hobby Lobby

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Also, if you have any other resources you find, please share!