ChelseyHi y’all! I’m Chelsey! I’m from Arkansas and grew up on Diamond A Ranch raising and showing cattle, sheep and hogs. I am very much a family kinda girl and love my family with all my heart. I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s in animal science. I have a Master of Agricultural Leadership degree from The University of Georgia, and a Ph.D. in agricultural communications from Texas Tech University. It’s kinda funny how each of my schools have had red as a main school color. Arkansas’ is red and white and Georgia and Tech are red and black. I have to admit though, no matter how many schools I cheer for, I am a diehard SEC fan and bleed red and white. And yes, I do love to CALL THOSE HOGS!

When I’m not at work or around livestock, you can usually find me at home baking or cooking in the kitchen or doing some kinda craft project. I love entertaining people and it seems to always revolve around food which is fine by me! My sister and I love doing craft projects and find them fun and relaxing. We enjoy making jewelry and also find new craft projects all the time. I love to read and have a dog named Shooter. He’s cute, energetic and spoiled, but I love him.Shooter

I love to travel! I’ve traveled much of the Southern United States. I really love the South. Moreover, I’ve had the opportunity to intern for 10-weeks in Australia and go on a 2-week faculty led trip to England and Scotland. I LOVED IT! Now I have an itch to travel abroad. I have lots of dreams and aspirations and one day they WILL COME TRUE! I believe God has a plan for us all and that everything happens for a reason, but my life motto is “One Life, One Chance.” and “I’d rather live a life of oh wells than a life of what ifs.”

My family

Well, that’s me in a nut shell. I hope y’all enjoy my blog!