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Cinderella the Cow Skull


In 1991, when I was a mere 3-year-old little girl who was just knee-high to a grasshopper, my Daddy gave me my first cow, Cinderella. Cinderella was the sweetest cow with these huge horns! You could walk out into the pasture and she would just stand there while you petted her. Cinderella was a registered gray Brahman cow. She was very prolific having a calf every year until she passed away in 2008 at the age of 17. Today, I still have cows that can be traced back to Cinderella. Cinderella earned her place on the ranch and passed away peacefully at home. I kept her skull because it’s sentimental to me, and I knew it make a really cool piece to hang up in my house one day.

A couple Christmas’s ago, my sister painted the skull red with my three schools icons. There was an Arkansas Razorback, Georgia G, and a Texas Tech Double T. She also painted and glittered the horns black. She did a great job, but it wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for Cinderella. This past Christmas break, my sister was really sweet and stripped the paint to start over. But, once again, she tried several different things and none of them just won me over. I left the base turquoise paint coat on and brought Cinderella back to Lubbock. After several months of thinking about what I wanted I finally figured out that I wanted Cinderella to have a simple tribal design that was feminine yet appropriate. So, here’s what I ended up with.


I love how she turned out and can’t wait to hang her up! Cinderella will forever be with me.