Snooze, an a.m. Eatery — Denver


Sunday morning, before we left Denver and headed back to Garden City, we wanted to find a breakfast spot. Our requirements any time we go out-of-town are to eat somewhere local. Crystal had this awesome app called Ness. It’s a restaurant app similar to Yelp but way cooler! (If you don’t already have the Ness app go download it now…right now!) When looking for restaurants, one of the recommendations was Snooze. Now, Crystal also made the requirement of hollandaise sauce. We are truly sisters. 🙂 Low and behold, Snooze has an entire section on the menu called The Art of Hollandaise. Needless to say, we were heading to Snooze.

We got there at around 8:30 a.m. and there was already a 20-30 minute wait. We knew it was going to be good. The ambiance was so fun! A very modern, chic place. After we were seated and drooling over the menu, we decided to start off with a hot chocolate and chia latte. Both were amazing! 20140123-114604.jpg

We decided we both were going to order from The Art of Hollandaise section of the menu. We are always careful to never order the same thing so we get to try as many things as possible. When Crystal was ordering, she asked the waitress what she recommended, and then she informed us that we get two eggs so we could choose two different things from that section of the menu. My mouth dropped…literally. I was soooo excited! Crystal ordered the Chilaquiles Benedict and the Havana Benny. Out of the two, I personally preferred the Chilaquiles Benedict.


I went with the Upstream Benny and the Bella! Bella! Benny. Crystal really liked the Upstream Benny, but I preferred the Bella! Bella! Benny.


Finally, we couldn’t pass up the pancake flight. You get your choice of three pancakes. We went with the Pineapple Upside Down pancake, Sweet Potato pancake, and the Caramel Apple Pie pancake. Hands down, we both agreed the Pineapple Upside Down pancake was our favorite!


If there was a Snooze closer to me, I would make a special trip every Sunday morning. It was that good! If you ever see a Snooze, be sure to stop and experience the yumminess! Trust me, you won’t regret it! Crystal and I finished everything with no shame.


About Chelsey Ahrens

I currently work for the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service in the Animal Science Department. I'm the Specialty Livestock/Youth Education Specialist. I have a Ph.D. in agricultural communications from Texas Tech, a master's in agricultural leadership from the University of Georgia, and a bachelor's in animals science from the University of Arkansas. I love all things agriculture, particularly livestock. I also like to bake, cook, can, sew, and play with my dog child, Shooter.

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