Byron Bay


This past weekend Victoria and I went to Byron Bay. Victoria works at AgForce as the Executive Coordinator. She’s a Pom (from England) so it’s really funny when several of us sit at the lunch table and we start talking because I swear there’s a different version of everything! Especially when there’s Aussies, a Pom and an American. Anywho, we took the coach to Byron Friday afternoon and set out determined to eat good food and have a relaxing weekend.

Bryon is such a fun, hippie, beach town. We got there about 4:15 p.m. checked into our hostel (Backpackers Inn) and set off to find ciders and watch the sunset. After the sunset, we went in search of food. We were going to try The Balcony, since Nadine suggested it, but it was fully booked for the weekend. We decided on Mexican at Miss Margarita. It was pretty yummy! We then headed back to the hostel and called it an early night since we planned to get up early to hike up to the lighthouse.

Saturday morning we found some breakfast and then headed up to the lighthouse. It was such a pretty walk, even though it was all uphill. After making it up to the lighthouse, we decided to head down to the easterly most point of Australia. Along the way we saw some whales splashing around out in the ocean, but they were too far out for us to really see them. This time of the year is when the whales migrate to Northern waters and then they’ll start migrating back down to Southern waters starting in September with their baby calves.

After doing the typical Bryon Bay lighthouse walk, we walked along the beach back to the hostel to change and head to the beach. The weather could not have been more perfect! Not a cloud in the sky and sunny! We laid on the beach for a while and then started getting hungry for lunch and decided to see if The Balcony was available. Luckily, it was! I had the yummy catch of the day which just so happened to be Barramundi. It was soooo good!

We headed back down to the beach for the rest of the afternoon and had more cider at sunset. We took showers and then went into town for supper. We decided on Bryon Fresh Cafe. Again, more yummy food! They had a lamb shank special which is what I had and then they had sticky date pudding for dessert and I wasn’t about to pass that up! I love being in Australia because lamb is quite common to find on the menu. I typically order it when I see it since the only time I get lamb in America is when Daddy butchers one. I love lamb!

The first Sunday of the month Bryon has some amazing markets. We wanted to explore them, but first we had to have breakfast. We went to Twisted Sista and I had these amazing pancakes with blackberries, banana and cream.


The market was amazing and huge! There was row after row of Australian goods and produce. Needless to say, Victoria and I both found some goodies to splurge on.

After the market we went back to the beach and had a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun and enjoying our holiday before heading back to Brisbane that night. The water was so clear. Byron has to definitely be my favorite trip so far. It was such a neat little town!


About Chelsey Ahrens

I currently work for the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service in the Animal Science Department. I'm the Specialty Livestock/Youth Education Specialist. I have a Ph.D. in agricultural communications from Texas Tech, a master's in agricultural leadership from the University of Georgia, and a bachelor's in animals science from the University of Arkansas. I love all things agriculture, particularly livestock. I also like to bake, cook, can, sew, and play with my dog child, Shooter.

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