The Whitsundays


I took myself on a lil holiday (vacation) over the past few days to the Whitsundays. Saturday I hopped on a plane and headed for Airlie Beach. Crystal came to Australia a few years ago for an internship and while here she met up with Brooke Prather who was doing the American Junior Brahman Association Australian Exchange Program. They met up at Airlie Beach. Crystal ranted and raved about it (here’s a link to her blog) so I decided I had to go see what the fuss was about myself. I couldn’t find anyone here that could take off for when I was planning to go so I headed out by myself. I know my Momma did not like this idea, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like the idea of me being in Australia. Don’t worry Momma, I’ll be home soon!

I arrived in Airlie Beach around lunch time so I dropped my bags off at Magnums (the hostel I stayed at) and ventured out to find some grub. Airlie Beach is a small town that you could easily walk through in 20 minutes. That’s going down, back up and on both sides of the street. There was a 20% chance of rain and luckily it rained so I found a book store and bought a book. My Godmother, Sharon, had suggested a book to me at New Year’s and they just happened to have it, A Painted House by John Grisham. I’d highly recommend it. I read the entire thing while I was there. It’s from a 7-year-old boys perspective in Northeast Arkansas in the 1950s on a cotton farm. It was hard for me to put the book down!

Anywho, Saturday wasn’t very eventful but Sunday and Monday were! Sunday I went out on the Big Fury that took us to a place to go snorkeling and then we went to Whitehaven Beach. This beach has been rated as one of the top beaches in Australia and now I know why. It was beautiful and like my sister said in her blog, pictures don’t do it justice! The sand is white, there’s trees all behind you because it’s a secluded island beach on the Whitsunday Island, and then when you look out at the ocean all you see are the other islands and the scenery is gorgeous! I LOVED it!

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After we returned to Airlie Beach, I took a shower and when to Fish D’vine and Rum Bar for some seafood and a nice cocktail. The food was amazing! I had a tiger prawn which was so big it took me three bites to eat it all! Then, I decided on the seafood chowder and boy am I glad I did!

Monday I debated on what I should do and after asking around I decided to hop on the ferry and spend the day at Daydream Island. Daydream Island has a couple resorts on it, one on each end. It’s not very big by any means. You can walk from one end to the other in 30 minutes. When we got there it was a little rainy so I read some more in my book, ordered a Chia Latte and waited for it to pass. By the time it passed it was time for them to feed the wild fish in the ocean at Lovers Cove so I went to check it out.

From all angles of this island, the view was seriously something I’ve only seen in movies and pictures. I could just sit and look at it all day and practically did. There were a couple of different beaches on the island and I was surprised to find out that the beaches weren’t all sandy. Most were made up of washed up coral and shells from the reef.

Then I walked through the rainforest to the other side and snapped a couple pictures of the view. I still can’t believe I saw this all in person.

After the walk through the rainforest, the first thing I saw was this lil chapel. After all, it is God who made this beautiful place, why not worship him while admiring it? There was also a couple wallabies hanging out.

I decided to take the boardwalk back to the side I arrived on and stumbled up this. A good ole treasure story!

After fighting seagulls for my lunch, I ended up spending most of my time on Mermaid Beach. It was so nice and relaxing.

The resort had living coral and aquatic life. I snapped a few photos. There was a massive sting ray!

Then Tuesday morning I flew back to Brisbane. I absolutely loved this trip and would most definitely go back to the Whitsundays in a heart beat! If I do ever return, I plan to stay on an island and do a sailing tour for a few nights. There was so much more I could’ve done and seen. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll make it back! But the next time will be with family and friends!


About Chelsey Ahrens

I currently work for the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service in the Animal Science Department. I'm the Specialty Livestock/Youth Education Specialist. I have a Ph.D. in agricultural communications from Texas Tech, a master's in agricultural leadership from the University of Georgia, and a bachelor's in animals science from the University of Arkansas. I love all things agriculture, particularly livestock. I also like to bake, cook, can, sew, and play with my dog child, Shooter.

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