Catching up on Adventures


Basically, this is going to be a photo dump post of the recent places I’ve ventured to.

I’ll start with Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Lone Pine was a lot of fun! It’s like a mini zoo. I held a koala for the second time, but this time I was also allowed to take pictures with my own camera. I hung out with the kangaroos and saw a wombat. Which, I might add, was soooo cute! There were heaps of different birds and a Tasmanian devil. Below is a slideshow of all the fun creatures.

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I went up near Maleny with work. There a Minister launched a nature refuge website for AgForce. I went and took pictures, but holy cow was it beautiful! Maleny overlooks the Sunshine Coast and Glass House Mountains in the Hinterland area. It was a bit cloudy, but Charles, the CEO of AgForce, was nice enough to stop on the way down to let me take some pictures. The Glass House Mountains were on one side of us and the Sunshine Coast was on the other.

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Another neat place to visit was Mount Coot-Tha. Once on top of Mount Coot-Tha you have a beautiful and clear view of the Brisbane city. You also see how bendy the Brisbane River is and in the distance there sits the Pacific Ocean. I ate an ice cream cone while I was there taking in the view.

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Mount Tamborine is located in the rainforest near the Gold Coast. I went on a Skywalk which takes you up into the canopy of the rainforest. The actual small town of Mount Tamborine reminds me a lot of Mountain View, Ark. There’s lots of little shops and places to eat.

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On my birthday weekend, the ladies at work threw me an American themed barbecue (which I cooked brisket and chicken for them). Some had never even heard of brisket! Stacey took me to her local butcher. Wow! I wish we had local butchers like this back home! Then the next morning, we had breakfast on the barbie. This kind of blew my mind! I would have never thought to cook eggs on the grill.

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This Friday I’m going to my first rugby game. Should be interesting!



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