Kangaroo Tastes Like….


Rumor has it you can purchase kangaroo meat at Woolworths. Woolworths and Coles are the two major grocery store chains here in Australia. Because like any normal person who comes to Australia, I wanted to try kangaroo. So, I ventured off to Wolly’s in search of kangaroo meat. Beginning to think I wasn’t going to find any, I finally spotted it but just barely! It was on the top shelf. Hence why the photo below isn’t the best. 20130708-195805.jpg

Here’s a closer look at the packaging.

It’s really this nice, dark cherry red piece of meat. The fillets were about an inch thick.

I wanted to really get the true kangaroo flavor so all I did was season it with some salt and pepper and then put some cookin oil in a pan and let it do its thing.

They turned out quite nice, don’t ya think? 20130708-195849.jpg

So, kangaroo tastes like….wait for it….wait for it….deer! Yep, kangaroo is quite similar in flavor to deer. Even though everything is supposed to taste like chicken. 🙂 Since deer steak and eggs is my favorite breakfast…well let’s be serious, I could eat my Daddy’s deer steak and eggs for breakfast, lunch and supper…I bet I would like kangaroo and eggs! I might have to give it a whirl!


About Chelsey Ahrens

I currently work for the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service in the Animal Science Department. I'm the Specialty Livestock/Youth Education Specialist. I have a Ph.D. in agricultural communications from Texas Tech, a master's in agricultural leadership from the University of Georgia, and a bachelor's in animals science from the University of Arkansas. I love all things agriculture, particularly livestock. I also like to bake, cook, can, sew, and play with my dog child, Shooter.

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