Stephenville, Texas


Today I’m headin’ down to Stephenville, Texas, the Cowboy Capitol. I’m super excited to go and see my little sister, Crystal, who is working on her master’s at Tarleton State University. Stephenville is located about 70 miles southwest of Fort Stephenville, TX MapWorth. It’s absolutely beautiful countryside. Stephenville is a small town with a population of about 17,950. Erath County is the leading milk producer in the state crankin’ out about $140 million worth of milk each year! Needless to say, Stephenville’s primary industry is agriculture.

One thing I absolutely love about Stephenville is the shopping. This is probably because they have one of the cutest town squares with lots of little shops. Quite a few of them have tons of western items to choose from which is right up my alley. One place in particular my sister always talks about is Chicken House. Chicken House is exactly how it sounds, it’s aStephenville, TX chicken house that has been converted into a flea market. My sister bought her bed frame and some dressers from there when she first moved to Stephenville and let me tell ya, they are cute, cute, cute! So, I’m excited to be going down on a weekend when they are open to see for myself what all the fuss is about.

Next time you’re thinking about taking a trip, consider swingin’ by Stephenville. It’s a cute town with neat shops and some pretty good eats as well and who knows, maybe you’ll run into Ty Murray and Jewel while you’re there.


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